Off the back of his collaboration with CamelPhat on their album, he delivers a two-track release on Eli Brown's Arcane imprint; Will Easton explodes into the EP with the title track; 'Looking For Love', a ferocious 6-minute heater that is packed with energy right from the start. Pounding, unrelenting kicks and shuffling synth lines underpin the powerful, dubbed-out vocal refrains and dark, room-shaking basslines.

Rounding off the EP is the intense and euphoric 'Arch', a rip-roaring techno production; primed and ready to tear down clubs over the coming months. Massive 4X4 kick patterns and off-kilter synth stabs lead the track to the breakdown; in which the track seems to disassemble and re-build with purpose and power, before dropping full force into a dynamic flurry of weighty drums and raw dancefloor energy.

Will Easton