ARC023 - To Hell

A set off masterfully crafted, foot to the floor techno bombs - equipped with a brain melting, gritty, hard hitting kick, analogue frequencies and a gripping vocal hook that will drag you straight ‘To Hell’.

Nancy Live

NANCY aka Lauren Rusowicz is an exciting unpredictable talent. The Dublin-based, UK-raised live artist is enjoying some well-deserved word of mouth, thanks to her acid-soaked live sets in gritty sweaty clubs. After twelve years of DJing in prestigious venues like Ibiza’s Sankeys and Space and Warehouse Project (Manchester), she moved to Dublin about four years ago and began to work on her own sound, switching to live shows instead of DJing and now identies as a musician who plays all her synths and drums live ‘like a [techno, acid and house] band’. How heavy or melodic she goes on stage depends on how she reads the crowd, but can’t resist deploying some OTT acid techno while she gets into her sets and headbangs to the point of whiplash.

When not playing live (eg Printworks, WHP with Patrick Topping, headlining in Irish and UK cities), NANCY records her tracks and currently has an impressive phalanx of planned releases TBC, joining a back catalogue of tracks on labels like Day&Night, Constant Circles and Digital:Groove. With new tracks to release, upcoming live gigs quickly mounting up, and her mysterious membership of the ‘Secret Society’ collective, which runs a ‘not so legal’ rave, NANCY (Live) has a lot going on. Her refusal to care about looking cool makes her one of the most authentic and actually coolest artists on the current scene, who goes her own way and ‘bloody loves it’.